Frequently asked questions

Are all your items hand made?

Yes they are unless otherwise stated.

Is the jewellery made in Ireland?
At the present time it is made in the Roman city of York which is where the finest goldsmith we could find lives. We don't think it makes much difference where the jewellery is made as long as it contains authentic Irish gold.

Are you a 100% ethical company?
Happily we can say a definite yes.

Are you able to deliver to all parts of the world?
Generally speaking yes but there will always be exceptions. Please check with us. Unless there are exceptional circumstances delivery is free.

Can you please explain what 18 carat gold means?
Jewellery is rarely if ever made in 24 carat gold (that is 100% pure gold) because it's far too soft and would not last very long as it would be so easily damaged. So jewellers over the centuries have added other metals, often silver, to add durability. The percentage of silver etc added to the gold determines whether a ring will be 9 carat, 14 carat, 18 carat or 22 carat. It is the Assay Office who test the particular piece of jewellery and mark it with the appropriate carat designation - this is referred to by the Assay Office as the Standard Mark. In the case of an 18 carat item it will bear the Standard Mark 750, the figure shows that the article consists of 750 parts of gold by weight to 250 parts of other metals - 75% gold. This is equal to 18 carats (18 parts in every 24), the traditional way of describing the purity of gold. However the Assay Office will still mark the item as 18 carat if the gold content is higher than 75% but not quite up to 91.6% which would take the item into the 22 carat category.

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