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Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

As in the case of our wedding rings each ring is individually made and available in a full range of precious metals. If your wedding ring is to be in 18 carat Welsh gold then you may wish your engagement ring to match.

The choice of diamond is yours. We are able to source almost any quality of diamond. Please see our page setting out information about diamonds.

The most popular of diamond cuts is the modern round brilliant - the facet arrangements and proportions have been perfected by a combination of mathematical and empirical analysis. A diamond is judged on the combination of carat, clarity, colour and cut.

As required we can call upon an internationally known diamond consultant for advice regarding the very best diamonds.

Although diamonds are the classic choice for engagement rings we are more than happy to work in other precious stones.

The specification of the stone used together with the finished weight of the ring and the precious metal chosen will impact upon the final price. We can therefore only give an estimate of price before the ring is made although we will use our best endeavours to provide as an accurate an estimate as possible within the constraints we are working to.

Please contact us to discuss your requirement.

We provide a lifetime guarantee on our jewellery, interest free credit payment options and a first class after care service.

All our Irish gold engagement rings are individually made to order and are hand made from start to finish. We begin with raw flakes of Irish gold, which we smelt and then our goldsmith beautifully forms the ring to your design specification. Please see the photo-shoot of a ring being made by hand. If you wish you can, by arrangement, come to see us and watch your ring being made.

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Each ring is made to order and we will quote a price dependant upon the specification, the weight of the ring and the market price of the particular precious metal at the time of enquiry.

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